Vue Owners Manuals. Below you will find free PDF files for select years of your Saturn Vue automobile Saturn Vue Owners Manuals · Saturn Vue. View and Download Saturn Vue owner’s manual online. Saturn Vue Automobile Owner’s Manual. Vue Automobile pdf manual download. : Saturn Vue Owners Manual: Saturn: Books.

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Service and Appearance Care Brake Wear Your vehicle has front disc brakes and rear drum brakes. When replacing the battery, use care not to touch any of the circuitry.

A tire marked C may have poor traction performance. To quickly adjust all tone and speaker controls to the middle position, press the tune knob for more than two seconds until a beep sounds. If this occurs, return to your authorized Saturn retailer for diagnosis. You can be seriously injured by a twisted belt.

The following information will tell you how ssturn use the jack and change a tire. These are important because if you ignore them you could lose control and have a serious accident. It is the best position to use when you start your engine because your vehicle cannot move easily.

Have your vehicle serviced right away. A booster seat can also help a child to see out the window.

Page Section 3 Instrument Panel Overview You may drive very short distances only a few times a week. Saturn Owners Manual Refine Results. Front Console Storage Area A pregnant woman should wear a lap-shoulder belt, and the lap portion should be worn as low as possible, below the rounding, throughout the pregnancy.


Disc brake pads have built-in wear indicators that make a high-pitched warning sound when the brake pads are worn and new pads are needed. You iwners be severely injured or killed in a crash if you are not wearing your safety belt — even if you have airbags. Refer to the child restraint instructions and the following steps: Get it up to speed.

Remote Control Ejecting a Disc Press the eject button on the radio to eject the disc. These characters represent the load range and speed rating of the tire. Engine Oil Dipstick Out of View.

Saturn Vue Owners Manuals | Just Give Me The Damn Manual

To use the video screen, do the following: If your child restraint has a top tether, attach and tighten the top tether to the top tether anchor. Hundreds of mostly Saturn parts!

Highbeam On Light This light comes on when the high-beam headlamps are in use. To prevent gear damage, this system also prevents cranking if the engine is already running. If a correct key is not used or the ignition lock cylinder is tampered with, fuel is disabled.

If your vehicle does not have all-wheel drive, you should not drive off-road unless you are on a level, solid surface. Where Are the Airbags? When the high beams are on, this light on the instrument panel cluster will also be on.

Saturn 2007 Vue Owner’s Manual

You need a new tire if any of the following statements are true: Page 72 Here are the most important things to know about the airbag system: Continue cleaning, using a clean area of the cloth each time it becomes soiled. If you have not found a problem yet, check to see if coolant is visible in the surge tank. Page Radio Messages Calibration Error: If it is used for anything else, you or others could be badly injured or mannual if the vehicle slips off the jack. Turn the band to this position to turn off the rear wiper.


Cleaning the Inside of Your Vehicle. Fog Lamps If your vehicle has this feature, use your fog lamps for better visibility in foggy or misty conditions. Fuel can spray out on you if you open the fuel cap too quickly. To open the liftgate, lift the handle located in the center of the liftgate.

The CD player scans vie bottom surface of the disc. If the seatback is not locked, it could move forward in a sudden stop or crash.


You may feel or hear the system working, but this is normal. Do not put anything between an occupant and an airbag, and do not attach or put anything on the steering wheel hub or on or near any other airbag Here is what happens with ABS: Do not secure a child seat in this position if a mznual or local law requires that the top tether be anchored or if the instructions that come with the child restraint say that the gue tether must be anchored.

Defensive Driving Defensive Driving The best advice anyone can give about driving is: