This tutorial describes how to interface ADC to based Mircocontroller. The article also provides a sample tested Technology is an online. In This project (AT89S52) Microcontroller is interfaced with ADC IC to show the output value of ADC on LCD Screen,for a given variable input voltage. Interfacing ADC with three LDR using microcontroller and LCD. The project includes circuit diagram and source code in C.

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The program continuously scans the input of Intfrfacing and displays the output on the output port P2. Therefore, we need an analog-to-digital converter to translate the analog signals to digital signals.

An ADC has n-bit resolution where n can be 8,10,12,16 etc. The ADC chips are either parallel or serial. It works on the principle of successive approximation. Interface SD Card with Arduino.

Interfacing 3 channels of ADC with Microcontroller (AT89C51)

The digital data from the ADC is transferred to the computer using serial port. Moreover instead of polling interrfacing EOC just put some delay so instead of 12 lines you will require 10 lines. If you have any queries, doubts or feedback on this tutorial please share in our discussion forum.


The input which is to be converted to digital form Log in or register to post Comment. Port P2 pins of controller is used to send the data to the LCD pins Interface GPS with Arduino.

High — Low of the pulse. A preset is a three legged electronic component which can be made to offer varying resistance in a circuit. Choosing Battery for Robots.

And data pin D4-D7 is connected to pins P2. This is an intermediate circuit, which finds lot of applications.

Interfacing ADC with Microcontroller: Tutorial with Circuit Diagram and Code

And then ADC reads selected channel and send output to microcontroller. ADC is a Successive approximation type with 8 channels i. Then microcontroller shows its value at Ch1 position in LCD. Arduino based GPS receiver. The resistance decreases as the intensity of incident light increases, and vice versa.

The ADC IC requires clock signal of typically kHz, which can be easily derived from an Astable multi-vibrator constructed using inverter gates. Virgin Galactic — Commercial Space Flight. The digital output is taken on a set of LEDs.


And here we have used three potentiometers connected at pin 26, 27, and 28 of ADC This requires hardware and necessary software, resulting in increased complexity and hence the total cost. interfading

8051 – ADC0808 Interfacing

This witj will provide you basic information regarding this ADC, testing in free run mode and interfacing example with with sample program in C and assembly. An LDR will detect the intensity of light and generate voltage depending upon light intensity.

The input which is to be converted to digital form Interface GPS with Arduino. LED s are connected on the port P2 to display the wdc0808. Interface GPS with Arduino. This high-density System-in-Package SiP integrates controller, power switches, and support components. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Whereas the conversion is begun on the falling edge i.