CHAPTER ONE. The Masterharper of Pern. By ANNE MCCAFFREY Del Rey. His parents were busy packing for their trip to Nerat, so Robinton had been told to. The mostly melancholy early life of Robinton anchors this quiet installment of Pernese history, set just before the opening of Dragonflight, the first novel in the. NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • “At last, Robinton has his own book McCaffrey adds another absorbing chapter to dragon lore Readers.

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I don’t think I would have liked this book even back when I spent so many childhood days drawing fire lizards and writing Impression stories. They sing of Thread, yet more and more people are beginning to doubt the return of that deadly scourge. First Fall A Gift of Dragons. Mar 13, Caroline Berg rated it it was ok Shelves: In addition to the story of Robinton, this boo In earlier books in this series, we meet Masterharper Robinton, but what do we know of his early life?

Lord Sangel is its holder. The educators of Pern, they are being turned away from teaching the people of Pern their rights even as Fax conquers Hold after Hold, murdering as he goes. Open Preview See a Problem?

We read about how Robinton learned the trade of Harper, who his masters were alot of names therein which Hold he played again alot of names and how he traveled there. Along the way we learn about his mother, Merelan, a Mastersinger, and his father, Petiron, a Mastercomposer, and their family dynamics. One Corpse Too Many. Jan 04, Silverjackal rated it did not like it. The focus is on Robinton, a harper who goes on to greatness. And besides, it was a great honor to go a-dragonback.

The Masterharper of Pern by Anne McCaffrey | : Books

The only thing I didn’t like was secretly placing Robinton in Ruatha during the events. Oct 08, Hanneke rated it it was ok Shelves: Essentially, Halanna is being a brat. Readers will revel in this compelling character study of a fascinating personality. Only Robinton seems to have “forgotten” that he can do this.


Pern 15Pern Chronological Order This book allows us to see the natural talents of this leading man, allows us to understand why so many men and women put so much faith in him and love him so much. Because it’s been all of a couple of days and they’re engaged now. Those boys who are of the Blood have the chance to become the Lord Holder when the current Lord dies because the Conclave votes in the heir they believe will be the best ruler.

I thought I had read the whole of the dragonrider series years ago, now I’ve discovered I missed some out! These same astute readers will also remember that only powerful queen riders like Lessa could hear all dragons in addition to their own. Saday is Tortole’s wife; they are parents to Valrol who is married to Pessia ; Torlin is a brother; and, Klada is a sister. Not a bad deal, could have traded worst. Then there’s the pointless marriage that’s only there to add some tragedy to Robinton’s life as if this hatchet job disguised as a novel wasn’t tragedy enough.

The harpers are entertainers, news broadcasters, silent diplomats, judges, and teachers. Ellic is one of the crew. Published by Corgi first published January When at a holding near the border with High Reaches, Robinton is informed of groups of abused refugees seen fleeing from High Reaches.

But Petiron, almost from the first day, had no time for his son, refusing to see the incredible talent the boy possessed, ignoring his achievements and maintaining a strict and disapproving vigilance over him at all times. In later chapters he sees Lessa as a toddler in a scene that’s not completely shoehorned in at all.

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Masterharepr this, Robinton unmasks himself and talks with “Nip” – also at Ruatha Hold – and the dragonriders about re-instating the deposed bloodlines at Fax’s Holds, while F’lar convinces Lessa to leave Ruatha Hold and attend the Hatching at Benden Weyr. Lord Tarathel arrives, and orders that Gifflen be exiled to the Eastern Ring Islandsonly for Fax to arrive, and attempt to overturn the order with force.

How did he know something was going to happen? Yes, I know that F’lar and Lessa and the dragons are the whole point of it, but it’s Robinton who connects everyone on Pern, who makes Pern and the Pernese mean something to me. At Benden Hold, Robinton befriends Fallonera young boy who is determined to become Weyrleader some day – and is in fact the son of the present Weyrleader, S’lonerto whom Robinton ends up singing the recently reinstated Question Song – and later travels with him to Benden Weyr for a day.


At Kobo, we try to ensure that published reviews do not contain rude or profane language, spoilers, or any of our reviewer’s personal information. Hell if I know. And this is where the real story should begin.

I’m sure other people have pointed out issues, but these were the ones that really threw me out of the story: Rantou is a timberman who doesn’t want to be a stupid when his son arrives; Carral is his pregnant wife. Stolla is the headwoman. Robinton musters the holders to defend Tarathel, and Gifflen is killed when a knife is thrown from the crowd – by “Nip”.

In a time when no Thread has fallen for centuries – when, indeed, many are beginning to dare to hope that Thread will never fall again – a boy is born to Harper Hall.

The dragon swerved his body around so that his great head, with its many faceted eyes swirling with a variety of colors rapidly turning into orange and red, came closer to Robie. I enjoyed this read, but having not read the other Pern books in awhile, I didn’t notice all the continuity errors.

The Masterharper of Pern

A boy who will become the glue that holds Pern tye and a brilliant musician and politician with a taste for wine and the ladies. Robinton remains at High Reaches Hold for three turns, learning much about hold administration – and losing his virginity to a girl named Sitta. He encounters C’gan, later known as the first rider to die of Threadscore in the Ninth Pass.