HVX. Vacuum circuit-breaker up to 36 kV. Medium-Voltage Switching Devices. HVX. HV. HVX. 0. MEDIUM-VOLTAGE SWITCHING DEVICES. AREVA T&D. HVX Assembled Pole – Indoor MV Vacuum Circuit Breaker up to 24 kV. The HVX series circuit-breakers are vacuum circuit-breakers for application in 12 to 24 kV indoor switchgear units. Operating conditions. The circuit-breakers.

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Contact the manufacturer’s Service Center. Committed to providing customers safe, reliable, efficient energy, Schneider Electric in to Comply with safety Provisions Chapter 1.

Undervoltage release Undervoltage releases are supplied by the auxiliary source permanently. If circuit breaker without blocking manget for trolley Y0, circuit diagram according to showing.

The heating or cooling systems may fail to operate for a period lasting several days. Illustrations The illustrations are not binding.

Circuit-breakers and drives must not be disassembled for service and maintenance work see Disclaimer of liability, section 1. Whenever the auxiliary current is interrupted or its voltage drops hvd, the switching device is tripped straight away. The energy storing device must not be charged until assembly is finished. Observe the operating and locking conditions Chapter 7.


Areva breakers type HVX-24-25-06 for DeWind D8.2

It is characterized by compact dimensions, good operator guidance and a modern functional industrial design. If condensation of the circuit breaker is detected, the switching device must be cleaned, according to section 8.

Ryan Sabo – Arevx. Energy Transformations Energy cannot be created or destroyed. Use a dry cleaning cloth for slight soiling: Anti-pumping relay If both an ON and OFF command are permanently present on the circuit-breaker at the same time, the latter returns to its initial position after closing.

Anti-pumping relay If an ON and OFF command is simultaneously and permanently present at the circuit-breaker, the latter returns to its initial position after closing.

Secondary release Transformer-operated release Secondary releases are used for automatic release of switching devices in case of short-circuits and overcurrent. The drive mechanism is available in two basic models, i. The specific circuit diagram valid for the unit in question has been enclosed with each circuit-breaker.

Vacuum circuit-breaker up to 36 kV

These releases are supplied for transformer secondary currents of 0. The following additional documentsmust be observed for this circuit breaker: The type designation is broken down in this example.

Their position always corresponds to that of the main contacts. When performing the following assembly steps, observe and comply with the instructions given for the panel used. On principle, general cleanliness of the circuit-breaker or of its external parts should be ensured.

  CIDR 195-1 PDF

Remove the lifting brackets before entering in cubicle. Auxiliary opening release F12 2. Auxiliary opening release option Auxiliary closing release Indirect overcurrent release option Undervoltage release option Anti-pumping-relay Units incorporated in the switchgear truck in compliance with order Test position switch Service position switch Blocking magnet blocking for trolley option Drawing number: As standard, the circuit-breaker is equipped with two auxiliary switches with 8 contact elements each.

HVX Assembled Pole | Schneider Electric

Contact with voltage may result in fatal injury! Next, discover our energy and sustainability services, including big data management, to turn this vision into your business reality. Depending on dirt collected, hvd cloth as often as necessary. By working with partners and the cooperation of a large number of dealers, Schneider Electric China has created tens of thousands of jobs.

Thus, the market requirements, especially regarding arevva functional compartments without additional solid insulating material in the panel to ensure dielectric strength, can be satisfied optimally.