Sorry, says Srikumar Rao, the author of a new book, Happiness at Work. The answer is none of the above. To achieve greater happiness on the. When I was given the opportunity to interview Srikumar S. Happiness at work is something Srikumar Rao knows a thing or two about: Happiness at Work is the title of his latest book, and his writings and.

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But others did go into some kind of traditional corporate setting, but they did it with much less stress and attachment than their colleagues. And this change is lasting, sriumar it happens because it does not depend upon an effort of will. If you are negative, then you are going to have negative experiences.

From business executives to the everyday Joe or Jane, everyone seems to be going through a rough economic and personal crunch.

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Share your thoughts with other customers. Shortly after taking my program, he said yes, that is wonderful, we do want to win the bid, and we do want to crush the competition. It would have been nice to have fellow travelers on my unconventional journey. And I wanted to meet the man behind the legend. At the end of my banking career, I was a specialist in lending to closely-held middle market companies and large not-for-profits e.


Regardless of what you do or do not believe about eastern spiritual traditions,the emphasis on “focussing on the process” should help,as would the aspect of mental models.

And very soon, we put ourselves in a silo which we constructed ourselves. And he exposes those who take exception to this that is, those who think they are not me-centered. Those who passionately hated their job, and those who disliked their job. What I do is Raoo get persons to examine the mental models that they are using to view the world, and as you make changes on that level, you literally become a different person.

This book changed my life. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.

Is advertising good for society? Oct 27, Shobhit rated it it was amazing Shelves: For example, one of my students went into traditional investment banking after graduation.

“Happiness at Work”…Yes, Really–Q&A with Author, Srikumar S. Rao

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. The Code of the Extraordinary Mind: I recommend this book, as well as his seminars and course, to anybody interested in upgrading their operation system and experiencing greater levels of fulfillment and yappiness in all areas of their life – to those curious about taking the lead in their own evolution.

Srikumar has distilled lessons from across the globe, tapping on deep understanding of the common We have a human instinct to search for a magic bullet, some instantaneous fix for our problems. All you have to do is go on my websiteread the testimonials, and you can make up your own mind.


Okay, now think about your reaction to that person.

In your book, Happiness at Workyou note that the mind is like a wild horse, often galloping uncontrollably, flitting from subject to subject, which I think any of us who thought about that would definitely agree with. And that is where you argue that being invested in outcomes in the business world and elsewhere can cause suffering and be counterproductive, and that instead, you should be invested in the process.

Personally, I really appreciated and felt strengthened by the ideas presented. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

I attended a half day workshop offered by Dr. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today and talk about the Happiness at Work philosophy.

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Good books filled with positive ways of getting happiness at work. And even a slight movement you make in that direction makes a huge difference in your life, and that is doable. I have written a detailed review and summary of key learning at my blog https: The Metropolitan Museum of Art was one of my accounts.