Download and view manual or user guide ABTRONIC X2 FITNESS BELT others online. Click here to go to download ABTRONIC X2 FITNESS BELT others for. If you don’t want to use the gel please order off our Abtronix X2 With Gel Pads add) 1 AbTronic X2 Controller 1 Carry Bag 1 Diet and Instruction Manual 2. Includes:1 Set of Regular Pads (Gel Included), 1 Set of Gel Pads,1 AbTronic X2 Controller, 1 Carry Bag, 1 Diet and Instruction Manual, and 2 Batteries.

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For best results and comfort it is recommended you replace the conductive pads from time to time. This unit is intended to be used only for general physical conditioning. The AbTronicX2 belt has been pre-adjusted to fit a stomach girth of 35”” cm. Als u geen email heeft ontvangen, dan heeft u waarschijnlijk abtronkc verkeerd emailadres ingevuld abtronuc is uw mailbox te vol.

Cellulite forms because a large number of women’s fat cells are located in pockets within the connective tissue of the skin where there is generally poor circulation.

Manual abtronic x2 en español gratis

The AbTronicX2 dual channel belt is a great way to exercise your muscles. Switch the unit on and carefully increase intensity to level one or two. Follow the placement diagram on page 16 and work on any problem area you want to improve.

The Batteries lasts for approx. As you move the s2 by small amounts you will notice contractions becoming either stronger or weaker. The preset value is 0 after choosing your program in the mode setting.

Descargar manual abtronic x2 en español pdf

If there is not enough gel on the belt or the belt is not placed tightly against the skin, you may experience an uncomfortable tingling sensation. The control unit is attached espal the belt.

When using the machine gradually increase the intensity mznual until an intense contraction is felt. English als bijlage per email. Depending on your waist size the rear channel conductive pad positions will be suggested to target on following areas.


Unlike regular massagers that merely vibrate and are quite noisy, the AbTronicX2 is absolutely quiet and your own muscles provide the massage, stimulating increased blood flow in the area resulting in a natural pleasant warmth and deep relaxation. You will notice a tingling sensation prior to the muscle contracting.

Page 14 Exercise Guidance During the first week you should give your muscles time to adjust to their new work-out. LCD Display lights up, but all buttons do not work – Battery is low – Microprocessor hang up – Battery is low abtornic you use. Enn Iron Man Programselect Program 8, delivers signals that can work on all or selected motors or fibers so that muscle response time and endurance can be refined to suit your requirements.

Page 30 exercise to increase circulation, exercise and exhaust muscle for complete relaxation to provide relief of these symptoms.


Exercises both the main muscle and the knee muscle, reducing the size of roll over knee. To avoid unnecessary discomfort and ensure maximum performance, please replace the conductive pads from time to time or if their effect becomes weak or erratic. Please read the complete instruction manual before you use the AbTronicX2 System.

Failing 2x remove belt and wash inner surface with wet cloth and soapy water to remove body oils. AbTronicX2 contracts the muscle fibers that in turn increase blood flow; this is advantageous and provides various benefits.

It is easy to use! Remove batteries and replace them after one minute. Use the unit for a maximum of 10 minutes per muscle group, once or twice a day, with a minimum of 4 hours resting time in between each exercise session. Additionally the unit has an auto switch off function.

The AbTronicX2 really works and delivers on its promise about what it can do for you. Every operation is clearly shown on the LCD display and all programs will run automatically.


Upper abdomen, helps tighten up the flabby tissue around the stomach. L M S For Large size approx. If the contractions are not effective, then place the belt over the area closest. We hope, that this document of instructions for use will help you. Working on more difficult areas such as the abdominal and love handles is made both easier and safer when you use your AbTronicX2.

Are there any contra-indications to use of the machine?

The unit remains functional even if, after heavy use, the conductive pads develop some cracks, as long as you use enough conductive gel. De handleiding is 3,16 mb groot.

Abtronic X2 Fitness Belt. If you are wearing the belt around your stomach you can make the LCD display easier to read by pressing the “Flip Display Button”. If you start exercising as soon as possible after childbirth the muscles will come back into shape and you will regain your abtroniv. The conductive pads MUST make contact with your skin. If the belt is not immediately placed back into contact with the skin, the unit will automatically turn off after 20 seconds.

Handleiding Abtronic X2 Fitness Belt (pagina 1 van 39) (English)

Will I find it uncomfortable? Whilst you sleep your bodies’ neural transmitters Amino Acids then espao, for regeneration and growth hormones, causing muscles to begin to grow and add bulk.

Exercises and defines these important lifters. U kunt hieronder aangeven waarom deze vraag ongepast is.

Every 2 minutes increase the pulse intensity slightly. The front and rear should be positioned in the centre of your stomach and back. Exercise and tighten this very large muscle grouping. Enter text from picture: This will rotate the display degrees for easy reading.

There is tendency to Hemorrhage acute trauma dspaol fracture.